Barrel vaults

Cintralux barrel vaults. Natural daylight for commercial and industrial buildings

Free daylight and reduced electricity bills

There are very few things that are free and offer as many benefits as daylight. We find it common to have daylight entering our homes, but commercial or public buildings also need the pleasant feel of natural light. Skylux barrel vaults give you the ideal solution for daylight, smoke and heat extraction and ventilation in your building.


Barrel vaults made to fit your project

Sustainable development and innovation are of capital importance at Skylux. That’s why we offer a wide range of barrel vaults, combining different features. Looking for wide barrel vaults, excellent insulation and air tightness or does your project need specific fire-retardant solutions? Skylux will guide you in your choice.


Our sales department will guide and help you on site thanks to their technical knowledge and our large choice of solutions. Afterwards, you can count on an efficient follow-up. Skylux helps you to calculate the lux-value, U-value or heat and smoke extraction values, all in accordance with the standards. Or you can also calculate yourself thanks to our calculation applications.

Choose Skylux for absolute reliability

CE-approved solutions

We are members of various European technical committees, so European standards are no secret to us. Our CE-approved solutions offer unrivalled quality and maximum reliability. They are subjected to numerous rigorous technical tests by external labs. We repeat the tests and checks every year. As a result, our systems are always in accordance with the most recent standards.

Barrel vaults with BROOF(t1) fire classification

It has always been tricky to design flat roofs to confirm to fire standards, and barrel vault systems even more so. Fire brigades and insurance companies demand the BROOF(t1) fire class for flat roof covering in new buildings. This classification indicates how a roof may react if it endured an external fire exposure, specifically spreading fire with or without radiation and wind.

Skylux offers the best solution, ensuring a roof design with barrel vaults to easily achieve the BROOF(t1) standard. Our solution integrates a fire-resistant polyester sheet beneath the polycarbonate sheet of the barrel vault, barely visible in combination with opal polycarbonate sheets. Supporting profiles and a simple click system keep the sheet firmly in place.

Avoid risks with 1200 joules safety grids

Barrel vaults have historically posed a high fall risk due to the chances of falling through them during installation or maintenance. Avoid these risks with Skylux’s galvanised 1200 joules safety grids. For single-walled barrel vaults, these reliable safety grids are installed prior to mounting the polycarbonate sheets. In the case of a double-walled version, they are installed right in-between the two polycarbonate sheets. This results into two advantages: the grids are less visible and they can’t get covered in dust. Skylux 1200 safety grids ensure that barrel vaults meet the stringent European standard of 1200 joules. Our 25 mm barrel vault even reaches 3500 joules! The safety grids can be installed in Cintralux Alu barrel vaults 1x10/1x16 with sloping curb and in Cintralux Alu barrel vaults 2x10/2x16.

Smoke and heat extraction - an absolute must for each company

Intense heat and toxic smoke caused by fires can be extremely dangerous. The smoke in the building can spread rapidly, hampering evacuation procedures. Current legislation demands smoke and heat extraction in certain buildings. Skylux has developed several SHE systems to evacuate smoke and heat through a barrel vault.


Buildings must be ventilated to achieve the right temperature and atmosphere indoors. This can be done mechanically, but a natural ventilation system is equally effective in most buildings.