Canopy configurator

Skylux has recently launched the new configurator for canopies and veranda systems. A real game changer for anyone who’s looking for a perfect canopy. Thanks to this handy tool, you can create a unique canopy by choosing from various options, like the design, dimensions, colour, roof sheets and accessories.

Design the canopy of your dreams

The Skylux canopy configurator gives you a first idea of your outdoor concept.

The configurator is very easy to use and allows you to discover and modify different designs until you find the perfect solution. Bear in mind that the Skylux outdoor configurator show you a first idea of a possible solution for your outdoor concept. There are, of course, other combinations possible. The final design, technical evaluation and quotation will be further elaborated by your installer.

How to use the canopy configurator? 

  1. Open the configurator
    Click here to start the Skylux canopy configurator. 

  2. Choose your design
    Whether you’re looking for a modern and sleek design or something more classic and traditional, you can find it all in our canopy configurator. Choose from various installation methods, designs and canopy types. 

  3. Indicate the snow load
    The snow load in your region is a crucial parameter in the configuration to determine the sturdiness of the construction and avoid any problems with your canopy due to the snow load.

  4. Enter the dimensions
    A canopy should perfectly fit your home. You can enter all the necessary dimensions such as the width, depth, wall or ridge height and height below the gutter. 

  5. Choose the colour
    You can choose from a wide range of colours in the canopy configurator. There are also plenty of trend colours to pick from. 

  6. Personalise the roof sheets
    Our canopies have roofs with aluminium rafters that you can finish with the sheets of your choice. Use the canopy configurator to add glass, multi-walled flat sheets or pre-painted aluminium sheets with insulation.

  7. Select the options and accessories
    To complete your canopy, you can add e.g. LED spotlights or glass sliding doors. Choose your accessories and configure a unique canopy. 

  8. Request your quote
    After completing all the steps, you will receive a customised technical drawing. Use this drawing to request a personal quote from your installer.

Be creative and design your canopy

Don’t wait any longer and experience the flexibility and creativity of designing your own canopy with the new Skylux configurator!
Design your canopy