Cintrair - Simple opening hatch


Cintrair - Simple opening hatch
The Cintrair is a simple hatch that opens on one side only. It’s formed by one shell of the barrel vault that hinges on one side of the curb. This results into a lateral opening of 300 mm. The opening system is powered by a 230 V alternating current motor with switch.
  • Simple hatch that opens on one side only
  • Cintrair is formed by one shell of the barrel vault that hinges on one side of the curb


The solution for natural ventilation

The Cintrair® Alu or GRP consists of a bichrome opening system with hinges at one side. This ventilation system has a spindle mounted on the inside of the curb just underneath the inner shell. Moreover, it offers protection against the sun and the rain thanks to the umbrella system. The appliance allows to maintain the aesthetical aspect and the characteristics of the light transmission and the sound and thermal insulation of the barrel vault.

The Cintrair® can only be used in a Cintralux® ALU or GRP barrel vault with a daylight size from 1,5 to 3,5 m. The system has a length of 1 meter and can easily be installed in new barrel vaults (only a barrel vault with a 10 mm multi-walled sheet or singlewalled solid sheet).

The opening occurs through an electric spindle motor of 230 V. The copper spindle allows a maximal opening of 300 mm. The spindle is delivered with a compatible top and bottom bracket.

Cintrair - Simple opening hatch

Technical specifications

Electric ventilation
Power supply
230 V


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