Heatstop polycarbonate skylight clear


Heatstop polycarbonate skylight clear
The polycarbonate Heatstop skylight is heat-resistant thanks to the Heatstop coating, which filters out infrared rays from the sun. This reduces the heating under the skylight to a minimum. The polycarbonate Heatstop skylights are burglar-proof because their impact-resistance is 250 times higher than glass that is equally thick. This clear triple-walled skylight insulates up to 35% more than a double-walled skylight.
  • Reflects 49% of thermal radiation
  • Less overheating with zenith light
  • Long-lasting Heatstop layer
  • UV-resistant, no yellowing
  • Transparent with opal pearlescent gloss


Armoured skylight

Looking for an unbreakable skylight? Then polycarbonate is the best choice. The polycarbonate is highly impact-resistant. That is why we call it an ‘armoured skylight‘.

No discolouration by UV light

The polycarbonate that Skylux uses is UV-resistant, so the skylight maintains its colour and light transmission.


Avoid solar heat, go for Heatstop

Prevent your room from heating up. Our polycarbonate skylights are also available as Heatstop version. This means an additional heat-reflecting Heatstop layer is provided, which filters out infrared rays from the sun. This reduces the heating under the skylight. The Heatstop skylight has a pearlescent look.

An opal skylight is milky white and slightly less translucent than a clear skylight. The difference, however, is very small. The main reason why people choose an opal skylight is because it partly reflects solar heat. A clear skylight allows almost all heat rays to pass through, while an opal skylight only lets 42% through. The milky white appearance also provides privacy.


The more dome walls, the better the insulation value

Up to 30% more energy saving

A plastic skylight can have 1 or more dome walls. The more dome walls, the better the insulation value. Heated rooms require at least 3-walled skylights to ensure a high insulation value. we advise the best insulation possible. The best solution is a 4- or 5-walled skylight, if the budget allows.

Did you know that triple-walled skylights insulate up to 35% more than double-walled? Thanks to the triple-walled skylight, there will be no condensation when the roof is extra insulated during renovation. A small additional cost for even better insulation and energy saving. Win-Win!


Recognisable look

The red dome caps provide a recognisable look. If you see the red caps, you know you are looking at a polycarbonate skylight. The cap is made of solid plastic and has a press seal for excellent watertightness.

Heatstop polycarbonate skylight clear

Technical specifications

Polycarbonate Heatstop
Rectangular / Square
Number of walls
Insulation value
1.7 W/m²K
Insulation value EP25
0.83 W/m²K
Acoustic value Rw
22 dB
Fall-through safety
Fire class
LT value
40 %
LT value EP25
16 %
g value
44 %
10 year


Skylux offers extensive technical information to make your choice even easier.
Whether you are looking for a brochure, price list, drawing, technical file or mounting instructions: you can download the desired documents with just one click.

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