Manual combi screen (insect screen and sunblind in 1)


Manual combi screen (insect screen and sunblind in 1)
Insect screen
The manual combi screen is an anti-allergic screen that not only keeps out insects, leaves and dirt, but also harsh sunlight. The screen is easy to install or remove from the inside.
  • Keeps out leaves, rain and dust
  • Protection against the sun
  • Easy to remove from the inside


Insect screen and sunblind in 1

Our insect screen always comes as standard, so you won't have to pay extra. The manual insect screen blocks leaves, rain and dust and protects against allergens. It's also easy to remove from the inside. Skylux also offers a screen that combines an insect screen with a sunblind. The only difference is that the fabric is slightly darker and blocks sunlight.

Manual combi screen (insect screen and sunblind in 1)

Technical specifications

Sunblind / Insect screen
Colour outside
Colour of the blinds
LT value
6 %


Skylux offers extensive technical information to make your choice even easier.
Whether you are looking for a brochure, price list, drawing, technical file or mounting instructions: you can download the desired documents with just one click.

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