Family business Skylux invests 10 million euros in the future 

Since a couple of years, Skylux – a family business in its third generation – has been focusing on three product groups: pitched roof windows, flat roof windows and outdoor living. The company is in full transition and has already achieved several successes, resulting in strong growth. Skylux has decided on a number of key investments in the following years to transcend this growth in the long term.

We first thoroughly revised our production with the first result being visible in the automation of our plastic skylight production. Several other crucial investments will also be necessary to serve our customers even faster and better.

For instance, we have recently ordered a powder coating installation from Estee Coating Solutions that will help us enhance the quality and delivery reliability of our aluminium profiles. It also allows us to be more flexible towards our customers and offer almost all colours with faster delivery times for our outdoor living range. And that is important given that preferences differ greatly between the regions where we operate.

And it does not stop there. The entire production site in Stasegem has been redesigned with new warehouses and production halls. We will also continue to invest in machine automation, such as an automatic packaging line and a fully automatic processing centre for drilling, milling and cutting aluminium profiles. The processing centre offers Skylux additional production efficiency: automatic detection of picking errors, less chance of damage during processing, stock optimisation and increased quality control.

The primary investment plan also includes building our own truck wash.

We deliver our products mainly with our own trucks. This fits in our strategy in being as close to our customers as possible. It is therefore very important for us that Skylux trucks are in perfect condition and this is something we would like to take into our own hands. Clean trucks contribute to our company’s appeal.

“Just as important as investing in our offices and production is investing in aspects that contribute to our name as an appealing employer in the region. We already have a day care on our premises where Skylux employees have absolute priority. The day care will move to a new location on our site. Construction works are already well underway and will be finished in autumn.”

Furthermore, Skylux wants to be a pioneer concerning energy and sustainability in the construction sector. “This includes the further expansion of our charging infrastructure. We now already have 43 charging points for our company cars. Given that each new company car is fully electric since 2021, we will expand to no less than 72 charging points on our car parks”, Jean explains.

We will also invest in our own Tesvolt ‘giga battery’ to store our generated solar energy and take a step towards energy independence. This BESS system (Battery Energy Storage System) will be installed in the first quarter of 2023.

The planned investments for the coming years are worth more than 10 million euros. Skylux is more than ever determined to achieve strong growth and providing a stable work environment in the region.

Skylux, a Belgian family business in its third generation, is specialised in bringing natural daylight indoors through sloping and flat roofs and offering outdoor living solutions.
We design, manufacture and distribute flat roof windows, sloping roof windows and veranda systems that are known for their quality, style and durability.

Skylux offers you Belgian technology. We distinguish ourselves through personal service for our stakeholders. We are happy to provide you with all the information about the advantages of our daylight solutions: price, warranty, service, installation and maintenance.

Respect, passion and creativity are our company values and these are conveyed to all Skylux partners and employees.