Macros no longer work in the Skylux calculation programmes?

After you have downloaded the "FAST" calculation programme(s), you can find them in the downloads folder. Right-click on the file you wish to use and then click on "properties".

Click on "Unblock" afterwards and confirm by clicking on "OK". This will make sure the calculation programme works again. If this still causes problems, please contact

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Maintenance tips for your Skylux skylight

Acrylic glass has a self-cleaning effect and requires little maintenance. Please do not use any cleaning products or solvents because they can damage the skylight. We advise using the Skylux-cleaner for the maintenance of your plastic skylight and the PVC-cleaner for the PVC frames and curbs.

Make your skylight last even longer thanks to these tips:

  • The skylight attachments and the sealing tape must be checked once a year.

  • Clean the skylight only with water and non-aggressive soap and rinse thoroughly with water after cleaning.

  • Please do not clean the skylights with products that are not suited for acrylic or polycarbonate. For example: no abrasives or aggressive products like silicone, wood protection products, adhesives, unsuitable sealing tape, chemical fumes, etc. These products can cause damage and will result into the loss of guarantee.

  • Remove tar stains only with turpentine and rinse thoroughly with water.

  • In case of scratches: please contact the supplier and ask for a suitable polishing product.

  • Do not use any insecticides on the skylight.

  • Metal and polyester curbs must be provided with an extra finish.

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