Save energy with patio roofs

A patio roof helps you to save energy!
Energy bills are soaring and we are all looking for alternatives to reduce our energy consumption. Skylux offers numerous possibilities to save energy in the long term. Our canopy and patio roofs offer one of the most effective solutions. They provide extra insulation and therefore reduce your energy bill significantly.

Reduce your energy bill in the winter

You can save energy in the winter thanks to a canopy or patio roof. Close off the patio roof with sliding glass doors to keep it nice and warm inside. You won’t have to turn on the heating as quickly. 

“Thanks to a patio roof, the difference between the inside and outside temperature is smaller than a home without a canopy roof. This energy-saving effect works day and night, even without daylight."

Keep your home cool in the summer

The summer sun can bring a lot of heat indoors. A canopy or patio roof keeps out the summer heat by blocking direct sunlight on the windows of your home. Additional shade and cooling can be provided by sun protection screens. This also reduces the need for air conditioning, allowing you to save plenty of energy.