Replace your old roof window with a premium one.

The premium Skylux roof window lets fresh breezes in AND keeps mosquitos and sunlight out.


Insect screen on the outside

Classic pivot windows might initially look good but homeowners are often left with buyer’s remorse when the downsides become obvious. Imagine a roof window that has been painstakingly developed to give you all the benefits of a roof window without the fuss. The Skylux roof window makes all this possible.

A high-quality design

Extruded aluminium joinery on the outside with premium laminated wood (Siberian larch) on the inside make a roof window that meets the highest quality standards.

Our roof windows also reduce noise pollution like no other. Thanks to their acoustic value of 37 dB, our SKY10 and SKY20 score higher than competing brands that only provide acoustic values of 32 or 35 dB.


Perfect for refurbishments

Skylux roof windows are also known for their ease of installation, especially during refurbishments. Our roof window is available in all standard sizes, allowing for a surprisingly quick installation with no need for cutting or breaking.


The Skylux roof window offers Belgian technology. We also guarantee personal service for the end user. We’re happy to provide you with all the information about the advantages compared to classic roof windows: price, warranty, service, installation and maintenance. Skylux works with premium partners who guarantee a flawless installation. You can also count on our internal and external after sales team.