Climax Panorama, OPEN UP YOUR VIEW

A state-of-the-art roof to bring that luxury holiday feeling to your home. Outdoor feeling at its best with the Climax Panorama and its span length of up to 7 metres. Indoor comfort in your garden.

Indoor comfort in your garden

✓ free span length for a large garden view
✓ attractive ‘panoramic’ look
✓ numerous possibilities
✓ maximum dimensions WIDTH: ∞ // DEPTH: MAX. 5.50 M

Numerous possibilities

Climax Panorama offers numerous possibilities as a self-supporting patio roof or canopy

Thanks to the innovative GDG gutter profile, where the gutter and gutter support have been designed as a single unit, Climax Panorama is self-supporting up to 7 m in width between two posts (with 16 mm plastic sheets and a depth of 3 m). This will give you an attractive ‘panoramic look’, without intermediate posts to spoil the view. It is self-supporting up to 5.50 m in depth. The roof pitch varies between 2° and 20° and starting from 5° with multi-walled sheets.


Also as freestanding patio roof

A Climax Panorama roof system can also be installed as a freestanding patio roof instead of against a wall

A freestanding patio roof does not need any supporting walls and can be placed anywhere in your garden. As with all Climalux systems, the detached version combines with plastic sheets (16 or 32 mm) or glass. To guarantee the stability of a freestanding patio roof, the posts must be concreted into the ground according to our instructions.


Climaled can be provided in the Panorama gutter or below the rafter. This LED lighting emits a soft and pleasant light.

Overview (RAL) colours

2 standard RAL colours, 6 "trend" colours

Skylux patio roofs are available in various RAL colours. RAL is a coding system to define paint and coating colours. We can provide any profile type with any colour of your choice. For the RAL colours not mentioned in our colour list, there is a surcharge and a 6 week delivery time.


Our range of optional extras include LED lighting, sunblinds, wind protection and much more to enjoy your patio or canopy roof all year long.