Skylux 160°CE with curb M30


Skylux 160°CE with curb M30
The Skylux® 160° CE is a dome for smoke and heat extraction equipped with a daily ventilation function. On alarm, the dome fully opens up to the standard plant regulation (160° or 140° according to the CE certification). The control unit opens the skylight automatically at a temperature of 70°C. This skylight must always be ordered as a pre-assembled complete set. This version consists of a 30 cm metal curb. It comes with a plastic skylight or glass window of your choice and the control unit Skycom CE or the extension control unit Skycom CE Slave. We also have a range of optional accessories.
  • Intended for SHE in industry or stairwells
  • Large sizes possible, so less units necessary
  • CE-approved according to EN12101-2
  • Exceptional insulation value
  • Airtightness class 2
Skylux 160°CE with curb M30

Technical specifications

Rectangular / Square
Shape of the curb
Smoke and heat extraction / Ventilating
Insulation value
0.99-5.17 W/m²K
Acoustic value Rw
20-24 dB
10 year
Dimensions compatible with iWindow2
Dimensions compatible with iWindow3
Dimensions compatible with iDome
Possible finish option
iWindow3 glass window / iWindow2 glass window / iDome (glass window + skylight) / Skylight of your choice


Skylux offers extensive technical information to make your choice even easier.
Whether you are looking for a brochure, price list, drawing, technical file or mounting instructions: you can download the desired documents with just one click.

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