Orly Airport goes for 100% fall-through safety

The buildings at the Orly Airport where the planes are maintained urgently needed to be refurbished. Polyester barrel vaults were already installed in the roof, but have been replaced by Skylux Cintralux Aluminium 16 mm barrel vaults on a sloping curb. The project comprised more than 40 barrel vaults of 4 x 60 metres, running along the ridge of the roof. Fall-through safety is guaranteed thanks to the 1200 joules safety grids.

In accordance with the 1200 joules fall-through safety

It’s often necessary to walk on a flat roof, e.g. for the installation of solar panels or for maintenance of technical installations. That’s why Skylux offers a highly effective fall protection system by means of safety nets.

The nets are easily installed. They slide smoothly into the aluminium profiles. In contrast to other companies,
our nets bend along with the arch of the barrel vault and the sheets. Not only does this result into a quick installation, it’s also more appealing to the eye. Thanks to these safety nets, the Skylux barrel vaults comply with the European standard of 1200 joules.

In accordance with the BROOF(t1) standard

It has always been tricky to design flat roofs to confirm to fire standards, and barrel vault systems even more so. Skylux offers the best solution, ensuring a roof design with barrel vaults to easily achieve the BROOF(t1) standard

Our solution integrates a fire-resistant polyester sheet beneath the polycarbonate sheet of the barrel vault, barely visible in combination with opal polycarbonate

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