PVC curb 35/30 fixed


PVC curb 35/30 fixed
A curb that’s easily installed over an existing curb. The height of the vertical part below measures 150 mm, which is ideal for insulation. An extra wide lower flange of 150 mm is offered as an option. This lower flange increases the supporting surface and the possibilities to fix the curb. A CE compliant SHE system, Skylux 160° CE, can be provided in the vertical part of the PVC 35/30 curb.
  • The PVC curbs 16/00 and 30/20 can be fitted with a ventilation grid as from a daylight size of 80 x 80 cm
  • Good insulation
  • Can be used everywhere - compatible with all roof membrane types
  • Beautifully finished
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lightweight and still very strong
  • Completely recyclable
  • Easy installation: the PVC curb is heat-resistant (but keep away the flame from the curb) and remains intact during installation of the roofing
  • Inner sunblind can be installed in any PVC curb


The importance of a curb

A skylight or flat roof window requires a curb for the installation on the roof. A skylight curb ensures rain water drainage and avoids water stagnation. An indispensable element, unless there already is an existing curb mounted on the roof. Some people opt for a wooden curb, but PVC or polyester is actually better. Wood is an other material than the material of a skylight which leads to different expansion with fractures and cracks as a result. But how do you know you're making the best choice?

Easy to install and maintain

PVC curbs are easy to install and compatible with all types of roof membranes. Polyester curbs are very strong yet very light thanks to their composite composition.


The PVC curb can be used for fixed or openable plastic skylights, hybrid skylights or flat roof windows. The electric or manual opening system - mounted on the curb - can provide fresh air ventilation. PVC curbs are also used for electric smoke and heat extraction systems. An openable PVC curb (for ventilation) is fitted with hinges and a standard PVC frame. The skylight is installed on this structure.

Price and roof opening can be decisive

A PVC curb costs less than a polyester one. This can be a decisive factor, especially for larger sizes. The size of your roof opening plays a role too: a PVC curb is available in almost any size, a polyester curb is not. If your project concerns an industrial environment, then a metal curb is your best choice. These are very sturdy and non-flammable.

Vertical or splayed curb

In order to choose the right curb, the roof opening (actual opening in the roof) and the desired insulation value are important. Skylux offers two types: vertical and splayed curbs. A vertical curb can easily be installed over an existing curb, enhancing the insulation value. It is therefore often used for refurbishment projects. The splayed curb has a more even light distribution thanks to the splayed light incidence. The skylight mounted on this curb will be less expensive since it will be smaller.

PVC curb 35/30 fixed

Technical specifications

Rectangular / Square
Shape of the curb
Wall thickness
60 mm
Uup value
0.86 W/m²K
Lining groove
35 cm
Fire class
10 year


Skylux offers extensive technical information to make your choice even easier.
Whether you are looking for a brochure, price list, drawing, technical file or mounting instructions: you can download the desired documents with just one click.

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