Everything we do at Skylux revolves around daylight

For three generations long, Skylux has been specialised in and passionate about bringing natural daylight indoors through sloping and flat roofs. Our mission also extends to innovative and quality outdoor living concepts. Choosing Skylux means choosing Belgian technology with one purpose: an enthusiastic customer. We distinguish ourselves through personal service and we are happy to provide you with all the information about the advantages of our daylight solutions, prices, warranty, service, installation and maintenance.


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We aim to improve in everything we do. Create, passion and respect are our company values and these are conveyed to all Skylux partners and employees.

Brief history

More than 50 years of quality, style and durability

In 1954, Grandfather Albert Glorieux started a glass and mirror wholesale business in the Belgian town of Kuurne. Albert had a nose for business and saw the potential of plastics. In 1961 he produced the first corrugated sheets under the name Glovo Plastiek. Seven years later, he started making polyester barrel vaults. In 1971, the first skylights saw the light of day. Today, more than 50 years after Albert started the business, our daylight solutions are known across Europe for their quality, style and durability. Jean Glorieux is the third generation, carrying on the vision of his father and grandfather and bringing his own energy and ideas.

The wonder of daylight

There are very few things that are free and offer as many benefits as daylight

Artificial light can upset our biorhythms and lead to mood swings. By contrast, daylight is great for our health. Having access to enough daylight is essential to getting through the day feeling well-balanced and without fatigue.Daylight is free – it doesn’t come from a power outlet. The more daylight you let into your home or workplace, the less artificial light you need. That not only reduces your electricity bill, it’s kind to the environment too.

An inclusive company

Everyone has the right to find a sustainable job.

Skylux is an inclusive company and is committed to diversity. We find it important that everyone has the opportunity to find a sustainable job. Our job offers are therefore open to all people, regardless of their gender, race, language, level of education, social background or talents.


Healthy, sustainable and ecological

Skylux chooses to integrate long-term health in its mission for all life on our planet and for the planet itself

We therefore also value the health and safety of Skylux employees, partners and customers as well as sustainable entrepreneurship and ecological awareness. In this regard, we are working on some exciting projects: a complete switch to electric company cars, solar panels on all our company buildings, sustainable waste management, etc.

Green industrial zone

Our first step is to “adopt” beehives

Together with Bolwerk – a free cultural zone that focuses on creation, meeting people, amazement and ecology – Skylux is working on a green industrial area. Our first step is to “adopt” beehives at Bolwerk and to share the homemade honey with our customers. The next step is to create flower meadows on our premises. Not only do the bees benefit from this, but our employees also find a place to relax and meet each other here.