Aesthetic round skylights for a pharmacy

This pharmacy chose a round plastic skylight because of the aesthetic aspect. The self-cleaning effect thanks to the spherical shape and the high insulation value also contributed to their choice.

Clear version for even more daylight

Clear skylights are more translucent than opal skylights. They are less heat-reflecting, but transparent for a clear view outside.

Our polycarbonate skylights are also available as Heatstop version. This means an additional heat-reflecting Heatstop layer is provided, which filters out infrared rays from the sun. This reduces the heating under the skylight. The Heatstop skylight has a pearlescent look.

Up to 30% more energy saving

Did you know that triple-walled skylights insulate up to 35% more than double-walled?

Thanks to the triple-walled skylight, there will be no condensation when the roof is extra insulated during renovation. A small additional cost for even better insulation and energy saving. Win-Win!

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