Bye bye insects in the bedroom

A home in a wooded area is a perfect place to open the windows and enjoy fresh air indoors, even at night during sleep. The owners of this house chose the SKY10 roof window because of the insect screen mounted on the outside. A window that can be opened all year long without having to worry about insects, leaves or pollen getting inside.

Unique Belgian technology

Unlike classic pivot windows, Skylux’s roof windows can be opened like a conventional ‘straight-wall’ window. A unique system, unrivalled across the world.

The Skylux roof window incorporates a child-proof lock which blocks a tilted window from fully opening unless you choose to open it. Additionally, the window’s unique handles conform to the home security mark, ‘Politiekeurmerk “Veilig Wonen”®’, denoting superior home-protection.
Skylux’s roof window comes with a burglar-proof and SKG-approved lock system. This window offers complete security and peace of mind.

An easy clean like no other

Skylux’s effortless pivot system enables you to turn the outside pane until its almost facing inside. This impressive design eliminates the struggle of cleaning your windows

The glass of a traditional pivot roof window is framed by a deep profile. This traps water and dirt and usually results in moss or even rotten wood

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