The ideal flat roof window for a kitchen island

Natural daylight is essential in a kitchen. The design kitchen island in this case measured 1 by 3 metres. The customer chose a Skylux flat roof window with the perfect light surface to make the kitchen island really stand out.

Our flat roof windows with double or triple layered glass are the perfect combination of maximum light transmission, maximum thermic and sound insulation and a sleek design.

They do not only look great, they also score high in every aspect.

Super insulating flat roof window

A flat roof window with a sleek, contemporary design. The Skylux iWindow2 excels in insulation (Ug-value of 1.0 W/m┬▓K) thanks to the compact, insulating PVC frame and super insulating safety glass HR++

You save up to 63 % of energy in comparison to a classic double-walled plastic skylight. Furthermore, it ensures a maximum light transmission

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